You Are Invited!!!

18 May


You are invited to witness “The Inaugural Light of Peace Event”, which is the first annual and international event of its kind to be held in the Philippines. The historic event will be organized at the Football Field of the University of the Philippines, Miagao Campus in Iloilo, on May 24, 2013, by Thailand’s based-nonprofit organization Middle Meditation Institute (MMI) on the back of great cooperation from Filipino core organizers.        

The primary objective of the event is to promote World Peace as a natural consequence of Inner Peace. A time-honored and solemn method of achieving inner peace is through silence and prayer. Regardless of religious or political beliefs, meditation is often mentioned in the same breath with prayer. All religious systems in one form or another, use various methods of silence, stillness or meditation to achieve a state of inner peace most suited with effective prayer.

If universal inner peace can be achieved then there would be no major conflicts since most conflicts can be traced from a lack of inner peace of the individual. In keeping with the universality of this auspicious event, key leaders of all religious groups, who will attend the event at the Football Field of the University of the Philippines, will say a short prayer for World Peace in their respective traditions then a short period of silence will follow. And, in celebration of World Peace through Inner Peace, a total number of 15,000 sky lanterns will be lit and delivered to the sky and some 10,000 ground lanterns will also be lit at the Football Field, with all our prayers and wishes.

Moreover, flying the 15,000 sky lanterns is the attempt to break the current Guinness World Records of 12,470 sky lanterns released in a single event in Romania last 2012 during the opening of a shopping mall. Therefore, representatives from the Guinness World Records will be present at the Football Field. At least 10,000 Filipinos are expected to take part in this historic event and will light and release the15,000 sky lanterns – the symbol of the Light of Peace.


For more details, please contact Miss Dalyn Panoso: Cell Phone Number: +63+9209068303, Miss Nuttanan Srithorn: Cell Phone: +63+9213236331, Or Email:   


Please use this link to view the video of this event:


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